Corporate Responsibility Aerocandia takes into consideration its corporate responsibility very seriously. Although results of work efforts are improving, efforts carry on aiming in achieving highest quality levels.

Health & Safety An important priority for Aerocandia is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the staff employed, our partners, customers and visitors. A uniform and constant policy of health and safety is encouraged, not allowing for dangerous behaviour to prevail. Aerocandia is aiming in continuous improvement of performing job duties and tasks without potential hazards and maintaining safe operational systems.

Environment We believe respect to the environment to be crucial in relation to the success of business activities. Aerocandia is devoted in the minimization of environmental impact as a result of its operation and work carried out, by setting on annual basis specific targets such as reducing to minimum any paper wastage and non recyclable material throughout its daily practices and work. At present, a program of environmental management as per ISO 14000 is being developed.

Social Responsibility Aerocandia sets as a goal the positive contribution to the societies encompassing it. In addition to offering numerous jobs, it is actively involved in initiatives that contribute to the society and encourages with sensitivity the peripheral job occupation. Cultural, social and sport activities which contribute to the prosperity of the public either in the form of financial support or through the provision and availability of products and services, time, skills and enthusiasm of Aerocandia’s human resources, are greatly supported.

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